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Testing athletes according to the Tenniscan by AceLab program.

We conduct specific tests of physical qualities and assess muscle imbalances with the help of professional equipment that guarantees the accuracy of the data. We do about 20 different tests that are approved by the ITF, ATP, WTA and are used by well-known tennis academies and federations.


Our test program can answer the following questions:

- Does a child have enough speed, stamina and strength to play tennis successfully?
- Are there any muscle imbalances that prevent a child from playing tennis properly as well as assessing the risks of injuries?
- Does a child have enough power to perform a quick serve and a strong stroke?
- How does a child move around the court and change direction?
- What is the serving technique and what affects its mechanics?

Upon completion of the tests, we give recommendations for the training process, whether it is necessary to work to improve the physical condition of a player on the court.

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